CenturyLink phone service problem for (208) 939-4523
CARR agent Melinda Highshaw assigned this ticket number T - 105776.

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Problem Statement: when you call (208) 939-4523 
it will go straight to voicemail and the phone will not ring.
The problem is intermitant and only seen at night time.
I don't recall the problem happening at day time.
All times are MST.
All calls to 800 244-1111
All calls from 208 939-4717

The following is from memory so may not be acurate

On December 20, 2020 I talked to ac125667
session number is 1500849
He said that he detected a problem with the voice mail server and
it would be taken care of on the upcoming Monday.
On Monday the problem was not there, the phone rang OK.

Within a Week or two the problem came up again but 
by the time I got through to an agent the problem went away.
The agent said that nothing could be done if the problem wasn't happeining.
I told the agent of the previous call and gave him/her 
the employee number and session number,
the agent said that both numbers were invalid.

On January 27 around 12:42 I called because the problem was happening again.
There was a problem with the call so I had to start over again.
I started the call again at 1:26
I got ahold of emplyee ac49235
canse number 106522854
she spent 20 minutes trying to solve problem
I asked her to contact her manager
1.5 hours later she got ahold of a msg_receive
20 minutes after that the mgr called me 
the manager was Arnel ac43195
we talked for 40 minutes and
he scheduled a tech to come the next day between 8 and 5
I waited all day and the person never showed up.
I found out later that it was canceled because the problem was not happening.
In my conversation with Arnel I told him that it was intermittent
but it seems like that part of the message didn't get to the dispatch team.

On January 30 I called again because the problem came back around 11 pm
I got on the phone with Marc ac124065
case number 10767419
He tried to transer me to mgr but hung up, this happened twice.
He was good at calling me at 208 939-4717
after about an hour he got me with a mgr, Marjorie ac43192
case number 151929644
after talking for about 45 minutes she 
arranged to conference call me with escalation team at Monday noon MST 
I waited for that call and it never happened.
I later learned that she passeed the responiblity of the call to someone else.

On Febuary 1 I called again because the problem was back.
I got ahold of Louie ac50468
he said that a mgr will call me in 5 minutes
20 minutes later he hung up on me 
I waited for about 20 minutes for him to call back
so I called again.
I got ahold of Mark ac43215
He got me in contact with Arnel
we talked about 50 minutes
and agreed that he will call me back in 5 hours
to get me with a mgr above his level.
At about 6:00 am my time he got me on the phone 
with Amber employee number: adoi (doesn't follow acxxxxx form)

She told me that the problem could be my phone.
She said that she would send a tech out but originally said that 
if no probelm was found I would be charged $95, I talked her out of that.

Tech (Jim) camee around 9:00 am and replaced different set of wires
told me that if the problem happened again then hook a simple phone 
directly to jack, bypassing the modem and other wires.

On Feb 2 10:30 pm I repeated the problem.
I went to the house and did as Jim told me.
The problem persisted.
I am now at a different house checking every half hour to see when the problem will go away.
As of the following timestamps (MST) the problem is still there.

(2021/02/03-06:03:18) - works
(2021/02/03-06:19:29) - works

I just heard from  CenturyLinkHelp Team @CenturyLinkHelp<
and they said it could be do not disturb feature

Thanks for verifying to the account. This sounds like an issue with one of the features on your phone package, possibly the Do Not Disturb feature. Please call wireline voice support at 800-244-1111 for further assistance, thanks! - Jim
I have over 5 hours of phone time across 4 call on that issue.
Audio file at bottom.
I have observed that the problem starts at 10:00 pm and stops at 6:00 am. I think that it is a configuration of *78 feature, but I am locked out of *78 and the audio file at bottom of this page presents. On Feb 4 1 am I talked with Arnel again case number 152129359 I updated him with new information since I talked with him last He said that I would get a call from an esaclation team the next day I never got any call. On Feb 4 at 3 pm I called again and got ahold of Robert emp number ab7762 He was beligerent about giving out his employee number and showed anger throughout the call. He told me that I needed to be at the problem phone 208 939-4523 not the one I was on 208 939-4717 He said that he would call the 4523 number in 15 minutes. I drove there and waited for hours, no call. Around 6:00 same day Feb 4 I had a text conversation with an agent. He suggested that the *78 pin be reset but an agent did that 2 months ago, that may have caused the problem. On Feb 12 Graham Mark reset the *78 feature and I was able to log in. I was able to turn off the do not disturb So, after more than 2 months, talking with 10 people, 4 escalations the problem finally got solved. /

*78 problem

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